APOA Young Surgeon's Forum

Dear APOA YSF Members,

I am delighted at the formation of the APOA Young Surgeon’s Forum. We at the APOA, believe that the future will be stronger and brighter with the integrative contributions and supports of "Young Orthopedic Surgeons" in the Asia-Pacific region.

Their alliance with other young surgeons across the world will play a vital role and contribute to the development of a harmonious world order. In this respect, the borders between countries will be relatively removed, and the strength of APOA will be further enhanced.

Every prospective big achievement begins with an initial single step. I am glad that the YSF committee headed by Ashok Gavaskar and assisted by Sunil Reddy, Onur Bilge, Gazi Huri and others have taken this bold step which I am certain will define the future course of the APOA. At the same time, I would like to congratulate Jamal Ashraf, the dynamic APOA Secretary General for his initiative and perseverance in setting up the YSF.

Best wishes,

Mahmut Nedim DORAL
APOA President