Federation Member Login

Dr. Onder Aydingoz

Federation Membership of APOA

From 2016, National Orthopaedic Associations can now join to become Federation members of APOA with an annual fee. Financial members of such National Orthopaedic Association will automatically become “federation members” of APOA. Often Federation member (National Orthopaedic Association) would have provided their membership list to the APOA secretariat and each member of the list will be given a unique log on detail to access the APOA membership website. In countries where Federation members are unable to provide a membership list e.g. Australia and NZ OA, their members will need to log onto to their Orthopaedic Association website and access the APOA membership website through a direct web-link. However, these members will need to provide a return email address should they require the Secretariat to contact them in respond to any queries, including their individual log on code.

So far, 15 of 22 member countries of APOA have become Federation members and the APOA membership is now many tens of thousands. I look forward to robust interaction with many federation members of APOA!

Dr. Onder Aydingoz
Chairman - Federation Committee